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Gakuen Heaven Recs

Here, you can find Gakuen Heaven related stuff.


  • Between The Sheets by dreamlessness (G, everybody mentioned, no pairing). I translated it, do I have to say more? My first G-rated translation ^^

  • Layers by mdseiran (PG, Shinomiya/Iwai, angst, romance, fluff). Another translation of mine. Nice and sweet. I like Iwai in this fic - he is not so emo as in other fics (or anime, if I want to be correct).

  • The Things we Assume by aperu_sama (PG-13, Shinomiya/Iwai). Drabble. A sort of angsty fluff, my favourite combination.

  • One More Night by mdseiran (PG-13, Naruse/Kazuki). Short one-shot, Naruse's point of view. Takes place before Keita's arrival. I am thinking about translating it. Generally, I'm not fond of Naruse, but this pairing makes him interesting.

  • Full Circle by karadin (NC-17, Niwa/Nakajima). The evening before their departure from Bell Liberty Academy, Nakajima decides to say goodbye in his own way. That's Nakajima how I like him: cold, but not as distant as he would like to be.

  • Whispered Rumours by vanilla_ofuda (G, Shinomiya/Iwai). Author sais it's crackfic but I don't think so. It's just funny and a bit silly but also heartwarming. Shinomiya is being watched all day long but he doesn't know why.

  • It started with Lessons by evocates (NC-17, Nakajima/Niwa). Set after the first manga. Niwa goes out with Keita, but he is inexperienced seme ^^ so he asks Nakajima for help. Nakajima perhaps spends evenings reading Comenius' books, because he knows that direct demonstration is the best way how to learn ^^ The story consists of one sex scene (that is damn hot!) but I wouldn't dare to call it pwp. On the contrary, the end is as much angsty as I like... But that's not all, folks! evocates and kagayachou are writing a sequel, Surfacing series (WIP) HOT TIP:
    Hypothetically, rated PG-13, contains a dialogue between Saionji nad Nakajima about friends, lovers and stupidity of other people ^^ I like the idea of them being close friends...
    Practically, rated NC-17, contains hyper-super-mega HOT sex scene, Saionji/Nakajima (I'm not kidding, Kaoru is seme! I'm slobbering...).
    Game (NC-17, Shichijo/Nakajima). Hatesex, violence, blood. But so damn hot and in-character I couldn't help but stare. I'm doomed.
    Set (R, Shichijo/Nakajima).
    Match (PG-13, Shichijo/Saionji, Shichijo/Nakajima, mentioned Saionji/Nakajima, implied Nakajima->Niwa). Maybe too sweet for me...

Video, AMV, art, etc.

Other stuff

  • Gakuen Heaven Review by ho_fandom. If you can't speak japanese and would like to know what PC and PS Gakuen Heaven games are about, read this thorough review. Full of interesting and useful information for fanfic writers (and readers too).